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Whatever your organizational needs, Sanction Law can help you navigate through the complex legal requirements of U.S. economic sanctions.

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The Blog

The Sanction Law blog offers unique perspectives from the Editors to subscribers and non-subscribers alike.  We provide updates and analysis on the latest developments in the world of economic sanctions.

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Legal Limbo for Magnitsky Designees?

The actual process for SDN Reconsideration, as laid out in 31 C.F.R. 501.807, is generally straightforward.  But what do you do if you are a Magnitsky Act designee?

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Treasury (Does Not) Want to Pump You Up

When a Kingpin designation notice from Treasury pops up in your inbox, the first thought in your mind is not likely to be “steroids.” But Treasury clearly takes its counter-narcotics mandate seriously and has designated the network of the Slovenian steroids dealer Mihael Karner

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Breaking Down The Iran-Russia Oil-For-Goods Deal

Samuel Cutler and Matthew Reed explain the practical and legal obstacles that make an oil-for-goods deal between Iran and Russia unlikely. Neither Tehran nor Moscow, they argue, will be willing to take on the consequences of a such a deal for so little reward.

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About Us

Sanction Law is the most comprehensive online resource on U.S. economic sanctions programs administered by the United States Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC).  Join now and receive unparalleled insights into a fast changing regulatory environment.

Sanction Law’s Premium Content is currently in beta testing. If you are interested in participating, please email Sam Cutler at Beta testers receive a FREE month of Sanction Law Premium.

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Annotated Regulations

The annotated regulations provide carefully curated notes to each section of a sanction program’s regulations.  Annotations provide you with additional sources of information including case law and secondary sources such as law review articles, OFAC and Treasury links, and articles.

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Practice Guides

The E-Practice Guides provide unique guidance from experienced OFAC practitioners for each individual U.S. economic sanctions programs. Each guide serves as an unparalleled reference for attorneys, compliance officers, business people, and anyone else seeking to transact with or in relation to a sanctioned country or entity.

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OFAC Repository

The OFAC repository gives you full access to a comprehensive source of OFAC documentation.  These include guidance and exemplary papers pertaining to compliance, licensing, enforcement, SDN reconsideration, and litigation.  Additionally, the repository houses Treasury documents disclosed as FOIA responses, Treasury Press releases, and published license replies.

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Sanction Law Blog

The Sanction Law Blog is the only source for news and analysis devoted exclusive to U.S. economic sanctions policy and practice. Subscribe now to get the Sanction Law Editors’ take on the latest developments in the U.S. sanctions and the Office of Foreign Assets Control.

The Blog

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Latest Blog Posts

Episode 2 – Burma plus a side of Cuba with Peter Kucik

Today we’re joined by Peter Kucik, a former Senior Sanctions Adviser at OFAC and a Principal at Inle Advisory Group, a Myanmar-centric business consultancy. Our grand plans to focus the discussion on Cuba and the State Sponsor of Terrorism designation were...

The Beauty of TRA Section 504

Can a sanctions provision be so well constructed and creative that in some respects it can be considered… beautiful? It’s a question that only the editor of a site called Sanction Law would be crazy enough to ask. But sometimes a superbly crafted piece of legal...

A New(?) Trend in Sanctions: Designation of Prisoners

Today the Treasury and State Departments each issued their own set of designations, which alerted us to a curious mini-trend in sanctions – listing individuals who are already incarcerated for the activity that serves as the basis for designation. OFAC went after a...

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