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Episode 9 – The Joint Comprehensive Podcast

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The Sanction Law blog offers unique perspectives from the Editors to subscribers and non-subscribers alike.  We provide updates and analysis on the latest developments in the world of economic sanctions.

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Could the Administration’s New Hostage Policy Leave Banks Vulnerable?

The Obama Administration has changed its policy of threatening lawsuit against families of hostages.  Sam Cutler discusses how the change in policy could leave banks open to liability.

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Sanction Law and St. Mary’s University School of Law’s Center for Terrorism Law are teaming up to bring you Sanctions Compliance for the Energy Sector.

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Sanctions Compliance for the Energy Sector Seminar October 9, 2015 Federal Reserve Building Houston, Texas

Early bird registration will be $150.00 per person before Sept. 15, 2015. Regular registration will be $200.00 per person after Sept. 15, 2015.


Please contact Brittney Baldovinos at or for more information.

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Annotated Regulations

The annotated regulations provide carefully curated notes to each section of a sanction program’s regulations.  Annotations provide you with additional sources of information including case law and secondary sources such as law review articles, OFAC and Treasury links, and articles.

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Practice Guides

The E-Practice Guides provide unique guidance from experienced OFAC practitioners for each individual U.S. economic sanctions programs. Each guide serves as an unparalleled reference for attorneys, compliance officers, business people, and anyone else seeking to transact with or in relation to a sanctioned country or entity.

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OFAC Repository

The OFAC repository gives you full access to a comprehensive source of OFAC documentation.  These include guidance and exemplary papers pertaining to compliance, licensing, enforcement, SDN reconsideration, and litigation.  Additionally, the repository houses Treasury documents disclosed as FOIA responses, Treasury Press releases, and published license replies.

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Sanction Law Blog

The Sanction Law Blog is the only source for news and analysis devoted exclusive to U.S. economic sanctions policy and practice. Subscribe now to get the Sanction Law Editors’ take on the latest developments in the U.S. sanctions and the Office of Foreign Assets Control.

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Latest Blog Posts

Lifestyles of the Rich and the Designated

Not everyone gets to have Lebanese pop star Ragheb Alama at their engagement party. He is the Simon Cowell of Arab Idol. A United Nations Environmental Program Goodwill Ambassador. His 2010 album “Seneen Rayha” was sold at Starbucks. I mean come on, Ana Esmi Habibak? Instant classic:

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Gov. Hutchinson Goes to Havana

While several U.S. states push additional state divestment and selective procurement sanctions on Iran – despite the advent of the nuclear accord between the U.S., other major world powers, and Iran – some U.S. states are leading trade delegations to Cuba in the wake of the recent thaw between those two countries.

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Podcast Episode 11 – Exploring EU Sanctions with Simond de Galbert

Today we are joined by French diplomat and CSIS Resident Fellow Simond de Galbert. We acknowledge that at times, the SL Podcast can be a bit too focused on this side of the pond. So in order to bring some much needed balance to the Force, Simond offered to give a us a European perspective on sanctions use and implementation, the Iran deal, Russia, and a whole lot more. Don’t forget to subscribe to the SL Podcast on iTunes and sign up for our Newsletter.... read more